Pricing Pricing

We are by vets and for vets!  That makes this product unique as it was custom written for veterinarian practices that want to manage their field invoices and medical records.  

Affordable.  We charge $1,400 for an annual subscription.  The return on investment will be immediate!  Streamline your practice with web based data management.  Note: for QuickBooks customers, you will need a one-time purchase of Transaction Pro Importer ($199) to import sales into your QuickBooks company.  For Sage customers, this feature is automatically built into Sage.  

Affordable.  We have set no limits on the number invoices or medical records that you can maintain.  You can also have as many vets on your site as you need.

Easy invoicing.  Invoices are emailed annually and can be paid by check, PayPal or credit card.  Your practice will be billed at the time of renewal.  There is only 1 payment, 1 time a year--it's that easy. is an affordable web hosting service for vet practices that want to manage their invoices and medical record tracking.  You can also easily integrate your practice with either Sage or QuickBooks.  Sign up today for a FREE 60 day trial!